Thermostat Replacement

Thermostat Replacement

Here at Automatic Air we often get calls from homeowners who have recently purchased thermostats to install in their homes themselves. The thermostat is usually the first thing to get the blame when there is an air conditioning or heating malfunction, but rarely is it the actual cause of the system failure. Buying and installing a new thermostat when the one on your wall is perfectly ok can, at the very least, be a waste of valuable time and money. Occasionally, the results are even worse. Improper thermostat application or incorrect wiring can result in system damage or failure of your systems’ safety features.

Questions when considering to “Do It Yourself”:
• How do you know the thermostat has failed?
• What type of heating and cooling system do you have: gas, heat pump, duel fuel, oil?
• How many stages of heating?
• How many stages of cooling?
• Is the thermostat battery operated, power stealing, or does it require a low voltage common circuit?
• Will the home center or big box store allow you to return a thermostat once it has been connected if it is not the problem?
• If there is a problem other than the thermostat, who will diagnose and fix the problem?
• Is the person giving advice at the home center or big box store a qualified, trained and State licensed HVAC professional?
• Is there any potential for damage to my system or are there safety risks if I install my own thermostat?

Thermostats offered by home centers are not typically the same models as professional quality grade thermostats that are provided by contractors. Manufacturers often produce similar “looking” thermostats to offer in the retail marketplace. There typically are differences in the features and electronics as well as warranty periods. Bottom line: consult your Louisville, KY home comfort specialists at Automatic Air before buying a new thermostat in a home improvement center.  Contact us today if we can help.

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