The Truth About Preventive Maintenance

This is the time of year hopefully most people will have their air conditioning system(s) checked before hot weather sets in. BEWARE of those that advertise artificially low “Preventive Maintenance” specials for air conditioning and heating systems this time of year. It’s impractical for a legitimate heating and air conditioning contractor to send a Journey-person licensed in Ky. on a Preventive Maintenance or service call for a “69.99 Special” or sometimes even less, unless they’re selling something or talking you into buying a new air conditioning system that you might not need. An average heating and cooling system that Automatic Air Corporation installs will generally last in the range of 15-18 years, or even longer if they are well-maintained. Most reliable HVAC (heating and air conditioning) companies are busy this time of year (springtime), so if a company is promoting WOWY, ZOWY low pricing it just might be that they are just trying to get their foot in the door, possibly to sell you things you don’t need, or even a new system. Some companies today are paying their technicians a low base wage plus commissions. They’re incentivizing their technicians to sell. Our employees are paid by the hour, not for what they sell, so they are incentivized to serve you, not sell you. It’s a good idea to check with trusted friends, neighbors, or relatives, and always check with your local Better Business Bureau  before doing business with a company for the first time. Good luck, and if we can ever serve your indoor comfort needs, call Automatic Air Corporation at (502) 583-1759.

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