Something you should know before the first snow!

Something you should know before the first snow!

The weathermen in our area have started mentioning the dreaded “s” word, in fact it snowed here on Halloween. So there is something that your neighbors might be doing or perhaps you have done that you should stop.

You have probably seen the air conditioner covers that you put on your condenser unit, back away from them. While it might seem like they are protecting your big giant electrical unit that is sitting out in the elements, it really isn’t. In fact, covering the condenser unit causes the unit to retain moisture. Not only will your unit start to retain moisture you are essentially inviting critters to make their homes there as well.

A good solution, that will likely cost less than the covers sold in the stores is cutting a piece of plywood to fit the top of  your unit and place bricks on the 4 corners to hold down the wood. If you are very worried about the moisture getting into the unit you can apply some car wax to the outside of the condenser. This will cause the moisture to bead up and roll off.

We hoped that these tips were helpful, and as always if you need an HVAC expert call Automatic Air!

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