How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

The summer months are fast approaching and so is the warm weather that comes with it. If you want to save money on the cost of air-conditioning this summer, check out these simple steps.

  • Give your air conditioner a check up.
    • Have a professional come out to check your air conditioning unit to see if it is up to date and working properly.
  • Use ceiling fans around the house.
    • Using ceiling fans at night and early mornings, and in the lower levels of your home, will lower the need for air conditioning and keep your costs low.
  • Check your air filters.
    • Using good air filters, checking them, and changing them as needed will ensure that your air conditioner will run smoothly and provide you with cool air. If your air filters become clogged and dirty, your air conditioning unit will run more and cool less, costing you more money during the summer months. Dirty filters will also shorten the life of your heating and cooling equipment.
  • Adjust your thermostat. 
    • Set your thermostat at a higher temperature when leaving your home for 8 hours or longer. This will save energy and allow you to set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature while you are at home.

Follow these quick and easy tips to have a cool and efficient summer!

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