Keeping Your Home Warm Without Blasting the Heat

Since Punxsutawney saw his shadow last week and predicted another 6 weeks of winter, we thought it was an ideal time to share different ways to keep your home warm without blasting the heat. The temperature lately seems to be fluctuating, so instead of turning off the heat, then on, then up, then down and back off, we hope these ideas will help just long enough until spring decides to arrive.

Thermal Curtains– Thermal curtains, or even just thicker curtains can help keep the room a little warmer by trapping the warm air inside. The easiest way to lose warm air is through a window or flimsy curtain, so with better curtains it shouldn’t be an issue. Buy some thermal curtains this year to help keep your family warm all winter.

Caulk Window Frames– By caulking your window frames it won’t allow any potential air to leak through the cracks. Doing so can also prevent water damage and ensure adequate indoor air quality.

Rugs on hard Floors– Cue the inner interior decorator, you now have a reason to redecorate! Laying rugs on your hard floors (hardwood, laminate, tile, so on), can help keep your home somewhat warmer during the colder days. And not to mention it will keep your feet feel warm walking across the run instead of cold wood.

Heating Tune-Up– After achieving all or just some mentioned ideas above, be sure your heating system is up to its full potential. You can be very certain with a tune-up from Automatic Air that we will provide you with the best service and advice. Call (502) 805-1790 today!

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