Improve Your Attic or Basement with These Tips

Improve Your Attic or Basement with These Tips

Your attic and basement could be causing you to spend extra money each month. These two areas are common sources of energy loss and any improvements that can be made will indeed help you save money. Good news though, we have some tips for you!

Moisture Control

As you may already know, attics and basements sometimes suffer from high humidity. This means the areas that remain damp will cause the humidity in your home to increase, leaving you to feel a bit warm. That feeling can cause you to turn the air conditioning down, making your electric bill higher. To fix this in your attic, check for roof leaks, damp areas, and moldy insulation. Also have the ventilation system checked which helps aerate the attic to remove moisture and prevent heat buildup. To mend the problems of moisture in your basement, check your plumbing system and fix all leaks. Also, check your foundation walls and floor for any cracks, gaps, or dampness. These areas may need to be sealed.

Sealing Air

Leaks Air leaks in your home could be a huge energy loss. While the weather starts to get cooler it can allow cold air to enter. If you have a chimney, the area around your chimney should be regularly checked as well as any entrances for electricity and plumbing.


Insulation in your attic keeps the winter and summer air and heat from transferring through the ceiling. Not having enough insulation is a major cause of energy loss. Have an insulation professional check to make sure your insulation is in good condition, hasn’t shifted and that there is plenty of it.

It’s always a good idea to periodically inspect your attic and or basement for any of the above-mentioned problems. For more advice or for help with any energy saving tips, contacts us at automaticair.com.

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