Five Helpful Hints for Lowering your energy bill this Summer

Five Helpful Hints for Lowering your energy bill this Summer


Change the air conditioner’s air filter monthly during heavy use. When it’s clogged, air flow is restricted — cooling costs rise, and your system may eventually suffer a compressor failure with a $1,000+ repair bill

If you have ceiling fans, run the fans and the air conditioner at the same time but set the air conditioner a few degrees higher, to 80 or 81 degrees. With the breeze from a fan, you should feel as cool as you would at 78 degrees with no fans – but you’ll reduce your costs by about 15%-25%.

Try 78 Degrees: 78 degrees is a good point for an air conditioner to run at its optimal performance level. Think of it as a car on cruise control headed across the flat Midwest prairie. It’s not chugging along going up hill, and is just is plugging away, steady as she goes. Taking your temperature even 5 degrees lower can make your air conditioner use up to 40% more energy!

Check the air filter once per month and replace it as needed. This is especially important during the summer when dust and allergens circulate. If the filter becomes clogged, your system will have to work harder to supply the same amount of cool air. Replacing filters is one of the easiest and most effective methods of conserving energy and saving money on your HVAC usage. And much like changing the oil in your car, it’s a critical step in maintaining your system’s long-term health.

Install a programmable thermostat. Raising the heat a few degrees in your home is a no-brainer when it comes to saving on electricity. The warmer you let your home get, the less work your air conditioner needs to put in. But who has time to mess with the thermostat every hour?

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