Fall is here, have your furnace checked!

Fall is here, have your furnace checked!

Fall is the time of the year that most of us are breathing a sigh of relief that we can give our air conditioner a break and open up the windows. Most people don’t anticipate a furnace problem until it is a reality for their family.

So since most of us have heard that our furnace should have a yearly inspection, the question is what should be inspected?


  • The vent system needs to be checked for blockage or leakage.
  • The blower access door needs to be checked to make sure it makes a tight seal at the furnace.
  • Burners need to be checked for proper ignition and burner flame.
  • The condensation drain and trap need to be cleaned and the water needs to be replaced.
  • The blower wheel needs to be checked for debris and cleaned if necessary.
  • An amp draw test should be done to the blower motor.
  • The filters should be checked. They should be checked monthly.
  • Wires should be checked for damage and corrosion.

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