Choosing the Right Type of Air Filtration for Your Forced Air System

Choosing the Right Type of Air Filtration for Your Forced Air System

With the fall quickly approaching, Louisville, KY families are concerned about the cost of heating their homes. Homeowners want to create a comfortable environment without breaking the bank on their utility bills. Home heating costs account for more than half of a home’s utility expenses during the fall and winter months. Here at Automatic Air we are committed to providing you with the equipment and services to help keep your home heating bills at a minimum, as well maximizing in home comfort.

Forced air heating and cooling systems are currently the most energy efficient method of heating and cooling your home. Ask yourself, “did my system heat better in years past?” If your answer is yes then it may be time to consider having your system completely replaced. Automatic Air can help you analyze your current duct system to determine it’s compatibility with new forced air energy efficient systems.

To maximize your health and comfort during the fall and winter months your air filtration systems must also be in check. There exist three types of filtration systems: mechanical, electronic, or a combination of the two. Mechanical filters catch the dust and dirt from the air as it passes through the filter membranes. Electronic whole-house air filters charge the filter membrane or particles in the air to create a magnetic attraction which forces the particles to be collected by the collection cells, thus removing them from the air.

As a homeowner you have several mechanical choices when it comes to air filters. HEPA filters have been used in military, industrial, and scientific application but have now been adapted for personal home use. HEPA filters virtually eliminate all hazardous particles from the air allowing you and your family to breathe easy. It is important to note that these filters can cost anywhere from $75-$135. They are also very restrictive, and allow for filtering only 15-25% of your air through these filters at a time, thus inflating your home heating costs by 10 cents per day. “HEPA-type” filters are responsible for removing anywhere from 25-95 percent of the hazardous particles from the air. Unlike regular HEPA filters, “HEPA-type” must be replaced multiple times a year.

Though electronic air cleaners remove up to thirty times as much dust as mechanical filters, or up to 99% of particulates, it is important to point out that they typically cost more to purchase and they require cleaning every 60-90 days. While this may be discouraging to some, keep in mind that they offer significantly better breathing quality and allergy relief to all members in your household than most mechanical filters.

Hybrid electronic/mechanical air purifiers provide both extremely good particle removal and superior dust collection. These air cleaners perform much like electronic air cleaners, but instead of periodically washing your electronic cells, you simply replace your filter media once or twice a yr. That is an advantage for people with busy schedules that still want the benefits of having an electronic air cleaner.

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