Why is my ac unit not turning on?

Why is my ac unit not turning on?

Whether you have an air conditioner or a heat pump there are many possible problems that could keep your outdoor unit from operating when it gets hot outside.  The problem could be something minor that you can fix yourself to something more serious, requiring you to call a professional A/C repair company.  We recommend that you check a few things first before calling a professional just to see if it’s something you can take care of.

Here are some things you might want to check yourself before calling us:

  • Check to see if your thermostat is set properly. Make sure it is set to “Cool” and at the desired temperature setting.
  • Check the switch at the side of your furnace to make sure it wasn’t accidentally turned off.
  • Check the circuit breaker to make sure it didn’t trip.
  • Check to make sure your outdoor disconnect isn’t off.
  • Check to make sure your condensate pump isn’t unplugged and/or safety switch is open.
  • Check to make sure your filter is clean.

If you check all of those suggestions and you’re A/C still isn’t turning on then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Usually, this requires the skills, experience, and special tools of a professional. It’s very important to have your system checked twice a year, so that small problems don’t turn into big ones.

If you are in Louisville, KY call Automatic Air at: 583-1759 and we’d be happy to send out one of our technicians to come take a look.

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