Here at Automatic Air, the term “indoor comfort” now describes our standard and commitment. The flood of new technologies that have entered the market means you need to partner with a Louisville heating and air conditioning company that understands these technologies and how they can best serve you. To meet new industry requirements designed to enhance a home owners’ overall HVAC experience, we must have the highest standards for our employees that are available, and we do.


There are now ways to control temperature in different sections of the home while providing better economy at the same time. This is called zoning. People spend more time at home these days, and comfort and economy have never been more important.

Trane, Waterfurnace, and Bryant, three of the leading manufacturers in the world, provide a range of HVAC products today that provide unsurpassed efficiency, multi- staging, and variable speed technology to maximize your comfort and efficiency. Waterfurnace is recognized as the leader in geothermal heating and cooling, and provides the highest efficiency ratings of any manufacturer.


Mitsubishi manufactures the finest line of ductless split heat pumps and air conditioners available today, providing efficiencies of up to 26-SEER with variable speed inverter technology, delivering quiet, efficient warmth and cooling to areas that can’t easily be conditioned with conventional ducted HVAC systems.

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Contact Automatic Air today for all of your Louisville heating and air needs. We offer exceptional service and 24/7 emergency service.  We are dedicated to your satisfaction and are respectful of your home while we are working in it.  You will not regret calling Automatic Air.


Quality Residential Service…
It can be a traumatic experience for a homeowner to go without heat or air conditioning. At Automatic Air Corporation, our friendly and professional staff will answer your call promptly and send out experienced, trained technicians that can efficiently diagnose and repair your heating and cooling problems quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll also leave your home as clean as we found it. We’re here to serve you.

These professionals are also trained to know how to best serve their clients long-term needs. While it’s a technician’s nature to “fix things”, our technicians are also prepared to look at the big picture, to help insure our clients best interests are served, every time. Our service vehicles are also equipped with GPS and are well-stocked. While no company can carry every repair part, we also have great relationships with all major HVAC suppliers in the area.

Dave Elble, Service Manager

Maintenance plans designed for you…
The main goal for our clients is to help insure that problems with their air conditioning and heating system(s) don’t occur. The best way to insure this is to take care of your heating and cooling system(s) by having it regularly serviced and adjusted.

Our customers say our maintenance programs are among the most comprehensive they’ve ever seen, and the fact is, when equipment is properly maintained and adjusted, it rarely breaks down.

We can work with you to design a maintenance plan to fit your situation and your budget. Properly maintained HVAC equipment lasts longer, costs less to operate, is less prone to fail, and retains its Warranty.

Call a Louisville HVAC Contractor you can trust for honest service and dependability, Automatic Air Corporation.

Healthy Indoor Air

Good indoor air quality is an essential component to providing the best performing comfort system.

  • There are extremely efficient air purification products available to combat allergies and other respiratory problems. Automatic Air understands the value of these products for our customers.
  • Good humidity control and balance is also very important. Too much humidity can cause many problems such as mold and mildew. Too little humidity is unhealthy for people, wood, and other home furnishings.
  • Energy recovery ventilators (ERV’s) or fresh air economizers provide fresh air in the most efficient manner possible, and can provide “free” air conditioning in some circumstances.

Energy Efficient Technology

At Automatic Air, being “green” has been our philosophy for over 40-years. Our company installed some of the first “dual-fuel” hybrid systems in Louisville in the 1960’s. Energy conservation and reducing customer energy costs has always been our goal. With us, hybrid dual-fuel technology isn’t a trend, it’s a tradition.


New technologies provide us with the best opportunities for the delivery of superior comfort at the lowest operating costs available. If you are looking for a more energy efficient home then you may want to consider these systems, available through Automatic Air:

  • Ultra- efficient geothermal energy saving heat pumps (also a good retro-fit option).
  • Multi-stage & variable speed heating and cooling equipment
  • Zoning
  • Energy-efficient duct design
  • Hybrid systems

GAMA is the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA).
The association is one of two leading gas appliance trade organizations in the
United States.

Earning the GAMA efficiency certification seal requires a manufacturer’s product pass very strict, federally mandated testing procedures.

Those products that meet or exceed the federal standards receive the GAMA Efficiency Rating Certified seal.

It is our sincere belief that, with spiraling enrgy costs, home and business owners should invest in the most efficient comfort system(s) that they can comfortable afford.

Specialty Work

Automatic Air is one of the premier companies in the area for residential and light commercial design work, specifically in terms of equipment application and sheet metal design.

Whether you are renovating a 100-year old home, or building a new one, its important that the integrity of the home is not only respected and appreciated but honored.

There’s not a company in town that is better equipped or more experienced in designing a customized system for your home.

  • Design – System design will match your home or business and lifestyle uniquely to increase comfort, decrease operating costs, provide cleaner air, and improve health.
  • Historic Home Experts – Automatic Air has been involved in design, installation, and servicing some of Louisville’s most historic homes.
  • Commercial Design Specialist – Automatic Air provides climate controlled environments to some of Louisville’s most recognized businesses.

Automatic Air’s highly trained comfort consultants, custom sheet metal fabricators, and highly-skilled installation specialists will insure you have only the best system design and installation. Then we offer a competitive maintenance package to help insure the worry-free operations of you system(s) for a long time.

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