Replace that noisy air conditioner

Replace that noisy air conditioner

Do you have a noisy are conditioner? One primary reason you may want to upgrade your air conditioner is to relieve yourself of the constant noise.

Air conditioners over the past ten years have come a long way; they are energy efficient and manufactured better, which allows for it to run much quieter.

To ensure your new air conditioner will run quietly as possible, you will need to look for these three key features:

A secure fan grille that is durable on the compressor is key feature number one. This will allow the airflow to have as little noise as possible. Using a direct- drive blower is beneficial in many ways, one being that it doesn’t have as many parts that can wear out, which is partially due to not requiring a belt.

The second key feature is a two-stage compressor that operates on low most of the time and is insulated in a compartment that will reduce vibrations (which causes noise). These components work together to keep an air conditioner’s bels — similar to decibels — at low levels. Comparing your air conditioners’ bels to a new Energy Star model could be interesting. Ratings for air conditioner models are from 0, which you can barely hear, to 13 which can cause ear pain, while, many air conditioners sold today are rated at an 8 or 9.

The third and final feature you should look for is SEER ratings. When you look at the SEER rating it will have an opposite goal as the one you rate based on hearing. A unit with a rating of 13 or higher is what you want. SEER which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and the department requires that all A/C units score a 13 or higher.

Another benefit that many people will enjoy is the new air conditioning systems use a greener coolant such as R-410.

When you get ready to upgrade, call the A/C experts at Automatic Air in Louisville, KY. We understand that when your air conditioner is noisy, it’s a nuisance for everyone within earshot. And with the other benefits a new system provides, you won’t want to delay upgrading another day.

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