Furnace maintenance saves money

All gas furnaces require you to maintain your system to keep your warranty in good standing and to keep your furnace running efficiently. You wouldn’t ignore your vehicle’s oil change, tires, or worn breaks so don’t ignore your furnace maintenance needs either! You don’t want to find yourself without stranded on the side of the road any more than you want to wake up on a cold morning and realize your furnace isn’t working.

Ignoring your furnace maintenance can cause:

Rusted Burners – Rusted burners on a propane furnace can make the burner unable to light, resulting in the furnace shutting down.

Dirty, Clogged Pilot – Dust and oxidation will cause a pilot flame to get weak. After just a couple of seasons that dust and oxidation can cause the burner crossovers to clog, making the crossovers unable to light all the other burners.

Rusted Ribbon Burners – Lack of furnace maintenance and old age can cause the burners to rust. On this type of furnace, rusty clogged burners cause delayed ignition and will produce inefficient orange flames. A furnace tune-up would identify these potential problems before an emergency occurs.

There are other problems and issues that regular furnace maintenance can prevent. If you haven’t had your furnace inspected in the last few years, consider giving Automatic Air in Louisville, KY a call. We can inspect, tune-up, repair or replace your furnace. We will not sell you products or services you don’t need.

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