A Dirty Condenser Coil can cause problems for your AC

If you haven’t had an air conditioning tune up in a while it is a good idea to do so, as a dirty condenser coil creates a number of problems:

  1. A dirty condenser coil will prevent your air conditioner from running at peak efficiency and can cause cooling efficiency to drop 30% or more. Your AC will then have to work hard to keep up with the incoming heat, causing your gas and electric bills to increase.
  1. Your air conditioner is no longer able to cool your home effectively. While you energy usage is going up, your cooling efficiency and effectiveness is dropping.  In other words your AC may be working hard to keep up and still not keeping up, which means you are paying more for energy consumption and still not getting your house as cool as you want.
  1. The life of your air conditioner unit, which is a huge investment for your home, is reduced. Manufacturers assume you will properly maintain the unit when they project years of service, but poor maintenance will drastically reduce the life of your unit and that is an expense no one looks forward to.

As you can see, the investment you make to maintain your air conditioner system, such as having your condenser coil cleaned, is well worth the peace of mind it provides you.

Repairs, by their nature, are often unexpected and at the worst possible time.  Before the hot summer months, it is highly recommended to consider having a professional, Certified HVAC Technician come out to clean the coils and do a full air conditioning tune up.  This strategy will not only head off a potential problem, it will also afford you a timely appointment during a lower demand time.

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