Energy Efficient Technology

At Automatic Air, being “green” has been our philosophy for over 40-years. Our company installed some of the first “dual-fuel” hybrid systems in Louisville in the 1960’s. Energy conservation and reducing customer energy costs has always been our goal. With us, hybrid dual-fuel technology isn’t a trend, it’s a tradition.

New technologies provide us with the best opportunities for the delivery of superior comfort at the lowest operating costs available. If you are looking for a more energy efficient home then you may want to consider these systems, available through Automatic Air:

  • Ultra- efficient geothermal energy saving heat pumps (also a good retro-fit option).
  • Multi-stage & variable speed heating and cooling equipment
  • Zoning
  • Energy-efficient duct design
  • Hybrid systems

GAMA is the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA).
The association is one of two leading gas appliance trade organizations in the
United States.

Earning the GAMA efficiency certification seal requires a manufacturer’s product pass very strict, federally mandated testing procedures.

Those products that meet or exceed the federal standards receive the GAMA Efficiency Rating Certified seal.

It is our sincere belief that, with spiraling enrgy costs, home and business owners should invest in the most efficient comfort system(s) that they can comfortable afford.

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